Our final day in Borneo dawned clear and beautiful, and though we are a bit sad to be on our way home already, it’s been a great couple of weeks and a fun “bite-sized” adventure. We’re at Singapore airport at the moment, after a short flight from KK; we’re awaiting a connecting flight back to Aus and are just flicking through our photos, reliving some of the highlights of the trip.


Certainly for us the absolute top pick of the sights in Borneo has to be the wilderness safaris you can do in Kinabatangan. We’re so glad we spent a few days out there by the river; seeing the orangutangs, Pygmy elephants, monkeys, and all the other wildlife in their natural habitat was fantastic. For anyone that loves animals, a Borneo safari has to be in your list of “must do’s”. For orangutangs specifically, Sepilok Orangutang Rehabilitation Centre should also be on that list – seeing those amazing creatures up close was definitely a trip highlight.






The other major highlight for us would have to be the mountain – Mt Kinabalu and the surrounding highlands in central Sabah are just spectacular. We certainly didn’t stray far off the well-trodden path in our time in the highlands, but there is so much wilderness to explore up there and so much unique flora and fauna to see, that we’ve definitely flagged that as one area we would love to go back to.


Last, but certainly not least, it’s the islands that we loved. The beaches are actually quite clean and beautiful. Some parts of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine National Park are way too over-run by tourists, and the coral has borne the brunt of this onslaught. There are pockets, however, if you venture a little further afield from KK, where the true beauty of these tropical islets are virtually unspoilt.




Sabah (Borneo) really is beautiful – it’s easy to travel through, friendly, fun, and full of awesome attractions. The food is good, the scenery quite spectacular, and the sights well worth the trip (especially if you’re an animal lover). We’re so glad we took this opportunity to go and would definitely recommend it as a destination for anyone keen to experience a little of Borneo at its best for themselves.


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